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Please enjoy some samples of our repertoire; reproduction instruments are performed in period style to recreate music popular over two-hundred years ago.

Fife and drum music performed by Erik Lichack and Peter Cutul

These historically informed recordings feature a reproduction fife made by Steve Dillon after Thomas Cahusac, London [c. 1777] and un-muffled snare drum by the Cooperman Company, with drum sticks reproduced from an original pair from the Valcour Island Shipwreck [1775] at the West Point Museum.  The selections are researched from manuscripts and publications from the Revolutionary War period.

The Buttonhole


Scotch Greys March

Scotch Greys March

Twenty third Quick Step


We are currently adding recordings of vocal and harpsichord music performed by the Ministers of Apollo.

Here's to the Maiden of Bashful Fifteen

Here's to the Maiden.mp3

Love's a Gentle, Generous Passion

Love's a Gentle.mp3