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Period hats and clothing

Erik providing a tailoring demonstration for Stissing Mountain High School

Eliza Vincz discussing historical cosmetics for a group of people of all ages

Early American Music and Arts is passionate about making history accessible to everyone; to do that, we want to take history out of the textbooks and into the classroom. We are determined to show that history is not only important to understand, it is also fascinating and--well-- fun! We provide interactive and informative programs that will leave students of all ages educated and entertained. We have experience with education for all age groups; Eliza Vincz develops children's programs at the Library Company of Burlington and Erik Lichack has New Jersey Teacher certification. We can work with you to customize your perfect school program that is both relevant and unforgettable incorporating the Core Curriculum Content Standards.  Our programs can be modified for various grade levels, please see our program suggestions below.

Follow the Drum: enlist your class in the Continental Army for the day! Meet a revolutionary war musician who will teach the class how music was used to unite General Washington's army and drill the way real soldiers drilled.

Apprentice for the Day: To really learn how people in the 18th century lived, why not learn how they made the clothes they wore? Learn real 18th century sewing, see both reproduction and original 18th century clothing, understand how 18th century clothing was worn and why it was worn.

Mind the Music and the Step: Get up and dance in this fun and informative program! Music and dance was what brought people together in the late 18th century, so the best way to learn how people lived back then is to do the popular dances and to sing the songs. Music is performed on authentic instruments immersing students in history.

All About the Arts: This program is perfect for both art and history classes! The arts were appreciated by everyone in the 18th century, so why not learn how to paint they way they did? Students will paint reproduction prints from the time period and see how watercolor paintings were made in the 18th century.

A Little Light Music: Experience one of early America's many forms of entertainment: music. Listen to instruments that were popular in early America including the harpsichord, baroque flute, horn, flageolet, pipe and tabor, and oboe. Understand how the instruments work and sing along to popular tunes of the era.

Here are some photos from some of our programs

Erik showing students an original 1770's waistcoat for his tailoring program at Stissing Mountain High School

Students learning how to sew like an 18th century tailor. Photo from Erik's program at Stissing Mountain High School

We like to use a combination of reproduction and original items in our displays to demonstrate what life in the late 18th century was like. This is Eliza's living history display from the New York Historical Society