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Our Name

In the latter half of the eighteenth century, the belief that one was inspired by the ancient classical gods was very much in vogue. People fancied they were struck by Cupid when they fell in love. If a man distinguished himself in war, he was touched by Mars (Ares in Greek). A famous poet or composer of the day would be considered blessed by Apollo.

Apollo is known as the god of all refined arts, especially music. His consort, the Muses, were believed to inspire all creativity and kindle the emotions. They gave the impulse to dance and sing, and spurned the studies of science, history, music, and astrology.

Our name, the Ministers of Apollo, signifies those who are influenced by the Muses and devote themselves to the refined arts. 

Our Appearance

In the spirit of eighteenth century culture, we seek to replicate every detail in our dress. Upon closer examination, every seam is hand-stitched according to proper proportions, and the textiles are historically manufactured; some on original looms and dyed in researched colors. The buckles, buttons, and cufflinks are either original or replicas, and even the unseen garments are done in proper custom. Our hair is styled according to original treatises, occasionally with hair starch, pomatum, and pins. We feel these steps necessary (and enjoyable) to recreating the music and atmosphere of the late eighteenth century.


Popular glees, songs, and airs
Sonatas for the flute and harpsichord
American and British instrumental tunes and country dances

We also provide larger concerts with guest vocalists and instrumentalists.

The title page of one of our antique music books, published in 1794.