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(George Morland "The Fortune Teller" date unknown)

Keeping true to our Classical inspiration, the Ministers of Apollo offer a living history program that is both unique and unforgettable. In Classical antiquity, Apollo was not only the god of music and arts, but also prophecy and his shrine in Delphi was one of the most important temples in ancient Greece. Known as Phythia, the priestess who served it was one of the most prestigious oracles in Greece. The name itself derives from the Greek word "pythian" meaning "to rot" referring to the decomposition of the massive python Apollo slayed. The oracle would sit atop a small chasm that filled the room with fumes that would send the oracle ranting rambling nonsense. The priest with her would have to translate her rambles to the fortune seeker.

While the Ministers of Apollo don't deliver oracles in vapor-induced frenzies, we do offer a fascinating and unusual living history experience like no other. If you want a living history program full of magic and mystery, your search is over for the Ministers of Apollo have just the program! Eliza Vincz is an experienced tarot card reader and has done extensive research on arts of divination people in the late 18th century enjoyed. In her mesmerizing displays, Eliza discusses popular and surprisingly modern methods of fortune telling such as palmistry, tea leaf reading, physiognomy, dowsing with pendulums, tarot cards, horoscopes, and more using authentic visual aids. Eliza can even read reproduction tarot cards for willing participants and while it is fascinating, it is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

Eliza reading Erik's fortune using reproduction 1790's Lenormand cards

Original tarot card from the 1780 Tarot de Marseilles we use in our living history display

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Email: evincz@yahoo.com