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Welcome to Early American Music and Arts.  We are musicians, artists, and historians who are passionate about bringing the past into the present. Bringing the past into the present? How is that even possible? Is it even possible? With Early American Music and Arts, it is. We are dedicated to preserving many of the arts and skills that helped define pre-industrial American culture.  From performing music on the harpsichord and flute that Washington enjoyed to offering hands-on demonstrations of how 18th century people made cosmetics, embroider clothes, we present the ingenuity of yesteryear.  Please explore our site to learn more about our many offerings, and feel free to contact us regarding booking a program. We are more than happy to work with you to create the ideal presentation for your organization.

Erik Lichack and Eliza Vincz

For more information about our concert schedule and booking a performance or program, please contact Erik Lichack or Eliza Vincz at:
email: musicians@earlyamericanmusicandarts.com
phone: (201) 221-6843 or (609) 500-2740

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